(Muscogee Creek Nation)

When Jamie lost her mother during her sophomore year of high school, every part of her vision for the future changed. The promises she had made to herself and to her mother to graduate and go to college seemed less important and, for a time, less likely. After graduating, Jamie started working, but she could not escape the feeling that she was not on the right path. She worried that the potential her mother saw in her, that her family saw in her, and that she knew she had, wouldn’t be reached without rethinking her plans.

Jamie decided it was time to change, and with the support of her local tribal college, she enrolled in school. From the moment she started taking classes, her world changed. Now, not only does she feel like she is on the right path, she feels empowered to pursue a career that will benefit the Muscogee Nation and all Indigenous peoples. She is passionate about science and plans to use her Biology degree to reframe food sovereignty for Native communities across the country and hopes the work she does on her journey will strengthen generations to come.