(Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska)

Trey celebrates the path he is on today by honoring the struggles he faced in the past. Each of the setbacks that he experienced – severe depression, anxiety about his future, and uncertainty about who he wanted to become – it all led him to a moment he now takes great pride in.

Trey found his calling in bringing back the Winnebago people’s agricultural traditions. Through regenerative farming, he is helping his tribe culturally and economically and it feeds his passion to lead. It is hard to imagine there was a time where farming wasn’t the heart and soul of everything Trey did, because today it impacts every part of his life. He is a father to three who uses his land to provide for his family, he leads his tribe’s farm, he sits on a local agricultural board, he is a dedicated student of Native Environmental Science, and he is starting an internship with the USDA. The workload he has taken on is great, but for Trey, so are the outcomes he is producing.