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Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month – an opportunity to not only celebrate who we are and where we come from, but also the future and where we are going. As our friend and ally, we invite you to join us! There has never been a better or more important time to deepen your knowledge of Native issues, to honor the contributions of our people, to confront the darker parts of our past, or to use your voice to amplify ours! So many people are already doing this and in doing so, are helping ensure a future of greater equity for Native people is on the horizon. Read on to discover the many ways you can celebrate more, know more, share more, and do more with and for Native peoples this Native American Heritage Month!

Explore Ways to Celebrate Together

There are many ways to immerse yourself in Native culture and appreciation. From social dances to a virtual book club with our President and CEO, Cheryl Crazy Bull, everything you need is below. We have also included resources like discussion guides and videos to create a rich and interactive experience.


Feel tribal history through the beat of social dances and learn how you can join in from the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.


Nourish your heart and soul with a special recipe book with local dishes from our students and renowned Native chefs!


Travel into the mind of contemporary Native writers and walk alongside them as they share their stories with you.


Binge watch TV shows and movies that truthfully represent Native voices and access discussion guides to keep the conversation going.


Learn what it means to recognize the true history of the land you’re on and how you can be an ally to Native people.


Spark your curiosity with podcasts about Native people by Native people. Celebrate Native artists and allies with performances from Taboo, Indigo Girls, and many more!


Want more? Head here to learn more from other notable and reputable Native organizations.

Earn an Education, Change the World

Each story below is grounded in real-life needs that exist today. Our scholarship recipients have big dreams and inspiring goals to help solve them and move their communities forward.

Give the Gift of Education

Selena - Student Ambassador

Meet Selena

Meet Sky

Student Ambassador - Amanda

Meet Amanda

Meet Sam

Move Aside for Tomorrow’s Indigenous Graduates

Native American college graduates are innovators, healthcare providers, forestry techs, senators, and NASA rocket scientists. They are leaders, mentors, and future change makers. When you make room and #MoveAside for tomorrow’s Indigenous graduates, you support the future. When you become a friend and ally, you are legitimizing our place in the world.

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